BARBARA BOREN, Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist

"IN EVERYONE SOME KIND OF ARTIST IS HIDING". CG JUNGWELCOME! Thanks for stopping by. My website is dedicated to inspiring women to live a more fulfilling and creative Third Stage of life.All too often our creative dreams languish with the responsibilities of life. But in our Third Stage, art making can open the way for magic because it takes us beyond limitation and into transformation. Art is a potent practice for brain health, joy, passion and a deeper connection with Self. Creativity is our birthright- we are all creative beings. It is also a doorway that facilitates spiritual practice by inviting us to move more deeply into our center and connect with the creative Source.Here you will find inspiration for enriching your life through art making projects, prompts, and inspiration that aid you as you begin, or re-enter, your creative journey. More than a pleasant activity, creativity is also a potent practice to awaken latent talents and fuel a renewed passion for living. An interest in developing creativity, rather than experience, is all that's required to begin. Following that interest can lead to surprising and delightful awakenings!Aligning with the creative flow opens the portal to the soul, which allows for fresh growth and vibrancy in all areas of life allowing you to know yourself in new and wonder-filled ways.


Working with archetypes is a facinating area of art making, which gives us the opportunity to clarify who we are and who we are becoming. Carl Jung believed archetypal images were part of the collective unconscious and so are available to all. Part of 'waking up' is to become more mindful of the archetypes that actually govern our lives. Do they serve our best interests, or are they unconscious motivators? Do they demonstrate as shadow qualities, or as positive impulses? Art practice gives us the opportunity to reflect on and develop the archetypes that offer qualities that serve our overall wellbeing and growth.

Dreamers are not tethered to what they see out of their eyes for their vision draws from the well of creative inspiration within. She has the flexibility and audacity to dream bigger and bolder than her past experience. At this stage of your life what dreams do you still hold and long to fulfill? Opening to possibilities awakens great potential and synchronicities because the benevolent universe always wishes to aid you in your most authentic expression and growth.
Mixed media; copyright free image overpainted with acrylics and inks on canvas.
8" X 10" $85

Governing with intelligence and compassion, The Queen archetype is a leader in the truest sense. Guided by higher ideals and the good of all, her hand at the helm is firm. Because she has taken command of her own lesser instincts, she commands with authentic power and authority. Whether her queendom is the home, her workspace, or a nation, she loves her people and strives to serve them fairly and well.
Mixed media with gel prints and gold metal leaf papers printed with leaves and weeds and painted with acrylics on Arches watercolor paper.
11" X 15", matted $85

The Magician is an archetypal image of wisdom, strength, and transformation. Because the magician moves between the seen and unseen worlds she is often a guide into the mystical realms.
This image was created with mixed media: assorted hand stamped and stenciled papers, acrylic paints, and gold ink on Arches watercolor paper.
13 3/4" X 10", $85

One of the Mother goddesses of India, Durga was believed to have come to earth in order to save the world from the forces of darkness and evil that threaten peace, prosperity, and virtue. She represents the power of good over evil and unleashes her divine wrath against the wicked for the liberation of the oppressed. Durga is seen as a motherly figure often depicted as a beautiful woman, riding a lion or tiger, with many arms each carrying a weapon.
This is a watercolor on Arches paper.
11" X 15" $85


What archetypal images are you drawn to create or enjoy looking at? They often hold a message important for your consideration. Does the archetype embody images you need at this time or that you would like to develop? Let the images which arise from within speak to you as they may contain messages from your soul.
Above from left are The Dreamer, Queen, Magician, and the far right is an image of the Hindu warrior mother goddess Durga, done in an Indian folk style. All were created with mixed media: handmade papers, acrylics and gold metal leaf.

The Queen, The Magician, The Healer, The Warrior, The Mystic, and Wisdom Keeper, for example, are a few of the feminine archetypes that are needed now in the world, but there are many others as well. Becoming familiar with these archetypes, meditating on them to penetrate beneath the surface to understand and embody their qualities, and crafting their images are wonderful ways to invite their energies into our lives. As we fill in our blank spots and heal ourselves, we raise our own light and, one by one, we aid in healing the world.


In nature as well, we find beauty and inspiration that refresh the soul and replenish the well of creativity within. Drawing natural landscapes and wildlife, whether abstractly or realistically, are relaxing and enjoyable pastimes that connect us with life and it's rhythms.

Making prints of flowers, leaves and weeds is so much fun- no expertise is required and the results can be stunning!- even on the first try. By combining different hand made papers (one of my favorite things to do) wonderful compositions can be assembled into a beautiful collage. These can have added drawn or painted elements, or not. It's up to each individual. I like to incorporate old photographs, letters, and odd bits to personalize mixed media pieces. Art making is wide open for interpretation! It's such a pleasure to 'hold the door open' so you feel comfortable walking into the world of creativity and encourage you to roam and explore.


About me:I'm Barbara Boren. As long as I can remember I've been an art lover- both as a student and teacher. I now offer women exercises and art activities designed to connect you with your creative source to rekindle (or find!) your passion.I left my art and language teaching position years ago for a career in business. But after many years in that work, I was dissatisfied and felt disconnected. I missed the creativity and excitement of art making. So once again, I dove into my art practice scribbling, drawing, collaging, and painting. Through these practices I found my way back home- to myself- my essence.Whether recalibrating after leaving a career, the initial sense of loss and disorientation of an empty nest, the end of a relationship, or dealing with the death of a spouse, I have experienced these states and it's always art practice that pulls me through both uncertainty and grief. I know from experience that creativity is a great healer which can knit parts of us back into wholeness. And this can lead to exciting growth and transformation.Today I am living my best life and I would like this for you too! I would be honored to be your guide as you walk the creative path.Over the last several years I've been exploring and experimenting with different materials and techniques and sharing what I learn. This is one of my favorite activities.For over thirty years I've been practicing qigong and tai chi and often incorporate simple exercises in my classes to loosen up and get the energy flowing (and it's fun!).For more info on classes contact me at:, or find me on Instagram @BARBARAABOREN or on Etsy at BARBARABORENSTUDIO

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Please return as I will be adding online classes in the near future demonstrating some of my favorite techniques: making papers from foraged materials like flowers and weeds, creating unique hand stamped and stenciled papers, and creating vibrant papers with metal leaf (gold, silver, bronze) and acrylics. Then, from these hand crafted papers I will demonstrate how to incorporate them into art work that is uniquely you!I will also be adding a classes on diving deep within to access and develop your personal archetypes. These may be familiar to you or the embodiments of qualities you'd like to develop. This will be a series allowing us to delve into the powerful feminine aspects inherent in the archetypes, which are always available for personal healing and growth.Thanks again for taking the time to visit my site.